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KELITA  is no ordinary performer. The award winning 5 time Juno nominee recording artist and musician has the vocals, flair, skill and style of a superstar. Influenced by adult contemporary, country, gospel, folk and R&B (Rhythm & Blues), she is an extremely talented singer and songwriter with a powerful vocal range and distinctive style that gives her instant recognition as “KELITA”.

She has been writing songs and making music all her life and has celebrated over 30 years as an accomplished recording artist! 

Her love of caring for her fellow man is infectious as KELITA has enhanced countless gala fundraising dinners, luncheons and benefit concerts. Her life’s experiences and sensitivity to the purpose of charitable and not-for-profit events is an asset that separates her from other artists. KELITA weaves her deep soul songs with her heartfelt journey emotionally preparing and encouraging people to open their hearts to the needs of others. Powerful, impacting, she is adept at moving audiences whenever she performs. KELITA loves people and connecting with them and it shows. 

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KELITA unashamedly shares her own tragedies, heartaches and challenges and how they have actually elevated her to a place of peace, fulfillment, and service to others. Her honesty compels and challenges her audience to boldly face their own truth, take responsibility and begin the journey toward healing and wholeness.

KELITA has been impacting people around the world with her message of HOPE  for many years. Through her TEDx talk,  television appearances, live engagements, interviews and social media, KELITA never fails to encourage and inspire people from any walk of life. She courageously uses her own stories of REAL life. After years of abuse, hiding and pretending, KELITA knows only too well that people are longing to be loved and understood more than anything else.

She yearns for people to let go of their shame, to find forgiveness and walk in freedom, creating the life they were meant to live. KELITA leads by example and is excited to impart her knowledge and wisdom.

                                               Igniting Hearts - Through Music, Story and Humour 

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KELITA strongly believes that humour and laughter can change your physical and mental health. She says she would have gone crazy a long time ago if it weren't for laughter! It’s no wonder then that KELITA'S clean comedic characters are such a hit with any age. Kelita's comedy has long been a part of her trademark and she loves acting up, so to speak.

When KELITA transforms herself from the Original Burnt out Honky-Tonk Queen Dixie Lee to Sophelia Flannigan the colourful trailer park mother of 12, infamous English author, the sophisticated yet hideous Priscilla Rottenbaught, and Jude Johannson, everyone’s favourite Canadian Hoser, ALL right before your eyes, not only are you impressed by KELITA'S sheer talent but you get lost in all the fun! Laughter really IS the best medicine and KELITA'S comedic characters serve up a healthy dose.

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Women Events – Music, Speaking & Comedy

KELITA ignites hearts through music, story and humour! Her original songs, zany comedic characters and inspirational speaking are a hit with women of all ages for any event. From laughter to tears, challenges to empowerment, KELITA is an honest communicator who women definitely relate to. She is approachable, extremely down to earth and her compassionate heart for God and others shine through.

KELITA'S music and voice have been likened to therapy and people are deeply moved and impacted when they hear her sing. There is nothing KELITA enjoys more than encouraging and inspiring women. And it shows! The testimonies are constantly 10 ++. KELITA is a wife, mother and advocate for survivors with so much to share. How fortunate that she has been able to take her own messy journey and turn it into an incredible like changing message of hope, healing and love.

KELITA loves to speak to all sizes of women's groups including conferences, retreats, fundraisers and outreaches. She has several packages of themes and would be happy to discuss them with you and your group. 

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Living Room Concerts

KELITA'S "Living Room Concert" is an opportunity for people who love live music to open their homes for her to perform in the intimacy of a living room setting. The host with a room in their home big enough to seat 20-60 people invites their friends, relatives, co-workers, and neighbors to attend a concert of music and comedy. 

The audience members enjoy a concert of up-close-and-personal live entertainment which inspires everyone who attends. KELITA enjoys the satisfaction of singing for a live audience face to face while sharing the stories behind her songs and of course her fun comedy is always a hit. 

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